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Business Owners Suffering from Anxiety

Depression and anxiety cases have increased among business owners in Australia, owing to the strains brought by COVID uncertainty. Financial and cash flow concerns have been overbearing, along with questions over the wider economic picture. This is especially true in transport, warehousing, retail and hospitality sectors which have been particularly affected.

Small business have the option of applying for the Government backed loan, which now has been extended until March 2022.  Our experts can assist with the application process and connect you with the major banks, unless of course your business banker is willing to assist.

Feel free to contact What is Liquidation for guidance on what is required to make your application for the SME COVID loan and in a worse case scenario, where your business is not eligible, it may be time to get specialist financial advice in trying to preserve the business and look at your options to restructure the company and your personal affairs.

Source:  Business Australia